Business Case Studies

Some other examples of different customer service redesign projects I have led or managed include:

Aetna Insurance I/S Group

In anticipation of corporate downsizing of Aetna Insurance, we worked with the I/S group at Aetna Headquarters to help them develop better partnerships with their internal customers by:

  • better understanding the concerns of their business unit customers
  • identifying areas of waste in the department
  • improving response time to customer requests
  • developing productivity metrics for systems and application development
  • devising new I/S offers to the organization.

ABB Carbon, Sweden

To accelerate both the engineering development cycle and the sales of a new power generation technology at this major engineering and manufacturing company, we conducted a program of Business Process redesign and cultural change, resulting in:

  • a re-designed engineering change process to better capture all of the design changes on test plants around the world
  • identification and resolution of major dissatisfactions from a $75 million client
  • a plan to rebuild trust, establish new project management practices and generate new shared standards for assessing satisfaction
  • trained ABB staff to continue doing Business Process mapping and redesign.

Euron – The Research and Development group of AgipPetroli, Italy

To increase the number and speed of new products to market, and enhance the viability of the group, we conducted a Business Process and enterprise design engagement directly with the President of the company, senior executives and scientists. The results included:

  • two new lubrication products successfully completed the design, initial development and testing phase
  • systems and practices were put in place to allow the customer to monitor and evaluate project progress throughout the project
  • product development processes that we put in place identified market and product priorities and eliminated R&D in non-productive areas, reducing waste by 20%.
  • the customers of the group reported a changed attitude of increased cooperation and concern for satisfaction
  • we introduced Lotus Notes and developed a workflow application which increased their capability to quality test oil and gas products. This reduced testing turnaround time from 3-4 weeks to under 1 week.


Frito-Lay, the largest purchaser of flexible packaging in the world asked us to analyze the linkage of the customers and performer and recommend ways that they could drive cost and time out of their processes for producing packaging. In an extensive cross-enterprise review we examined the operations of 8 companies within three different industries that interacted with Frito-Lay to produce packaging: film manufacturing, package design, and converting (package printing and production). Within Frito-Lay we looked at processes for purchasing, inventory management, graphic design, marketing and traffic. The results of the analysis and recommendation has resulted in:

  • an emerging new foundation of trust and cooperation between Frito and its suppliers
  • an immediate redesign for their new product development process which has cut the development time to market by 50%
  • a new process for evaluating and maintaining the strategic alliances between Frito and its suppliers
  • more effective and timely collaboration between the various parties using Lotus Notes.

Pacific Bell

Designed and led a 1 year core process reengineering effort at Pacific Bell to define and implement new processes, roles, standards and technology for producing Methods and Procedures documentation (technical instructions used by PB sales force to sell and order products/services). Here we showed managers and their team how to cope and flourish in a rapidly changing corporate environment. The company reorganized this division before the final redesign could be implemented in full, but participants in the process were beginning to see results from their input more quickly, have a clearer understanding o of what was expected of them and could more easily locate the status of their projects and who was currently working on (or holding up) their projects.

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