Other Case Studies

Service Quality Program

Leadership in Action

Designed and conducted a year-long Service Quality Leadership program for 60 managers (supervising over 1000 people) within the Microsoft Services Group. The participants improved their leadership skills by designing and implementing a cohesive set of service processes, promises and metrics.  The customers of this group noticed a dramatic change in the service attitude and a measured improvement in the service quality provided.
Internal Service Design
Acted as an executive coach  to assist the Director of the R&D Library to develop and offer a set of innovative and strategic information services
“Strengthening Our Partnerships and Service” Training Program
Co-created and co-delivered an innovative training program for the Semiconductor Product Segment, “Strengthening Our Partnerships and Relationships”. We provided a comprehensive framework that allowed multi-functional  teams of marketing, engineering and production to build an integrated approach to re-building customer trust and partnerships with specific customers.
Warner Bros.
Business Process Redesign

Leadership in Action

Designed and conducted a six-month project on business process re-design while training a multi-functional team to do future re-designs. Taught methodology including: as-is analysis, measurement design, re-design principles, workflow application development and internal marketing. Benefits included improved job status reporting, faster request management and reduced waste and re-work.
Pacific Bell
Business Process Design and Improvement

Leadership in Action

Conceived and led a 1-½-year core process reengineering effort to build improvement teams within Pacific Bell. Trained 6 multi-functional teams to define and implement new processes, roles, standards and technology for producing network technical documentation. These on-line instructions are used by the Pac Bell sales force to sell and implement telecommunication services.
Conducted Inter-Enterprise Business Process Analysis and Improvement Project
Designed and led an inter-enterprise project for Frito-Lay to integrate the purchasing and packaging business processes across four internal departments and seven supplier companies in three industries. This project changed how Frito-Lay evaluated new suppliers and assessed the performance of their current suppliers.
Innovation Training

Leadership in Action with Italian Executives

Acted as on-site coach for executive team and scientists for an eight month innovation program at EURON, the R&D division for the Italian state-owned petrochemical conglomerate, ENI. This project increased EURON’s ability to listen to customer concerns, allowed the scientists to more quickly assess viability of new product ideas and improved the coordination with customers to test market prototype products and refining processes.
ABB – Carbon
Business Process Redesign Team
Trained and coached process reengineering team for ABB Carbon in Sweden for 8 months. Redesigned processes for making and tracking Engineering Changes for a new coal burning technology being tested in 4 sites around the world. Initiative produced a 28% reduction in cycle time for making design improvements.
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