Rubi Gemmell

Rubi Gemmell is the President of InterarchyIQ™, LLC. With roots as a technologist and CEO of a software development company, Rubi noted that her clients’ solutions often were not complete via technology alone. This began her passionate quest to provide meaningful, lasting resolution to organizational issues. She focuses on creating a holistic overview of her clients’ organizations so that leadership can think and act strategically.

Using InterarchyIQ’s™ innovative Human Interaction Mapping methodology, Rubi integrates perspectives from all levels of the organization: Executives, Managers, Technologists and Employees … to identify opportunities for problem solving, innovation, and change.

Rubi Gemmell’s team delivers significant, practical results to clients through cost reduction, process improvement, risk management, organizational alignment, improved client satisfaction, and increased employee engagement and effectiveness.

For over 25 years, Rubi’s Organization Transformation work has benefited a variety of private and public sector clients.

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