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I formed the Upside Group because I believe in the possibility that each of us have more potential that we normally exhibit. Potential, from the root word for power, points to having latent abilities, capacities that are unused or undeveloped. These untapped capabilities exist in us as individuals, as teams and as organizations. We literally have more power available to us that we realize or utilize.

This capacity sometimes takes us by surprise when we are unexpectedly challenged or when something really matters to us. Responding to danger to our children, or ourselves, or “digging deep” to complete an important project are examples of this.

Potential is more usefully developed methodically or systematically, but our attention is more often pulled to coping with our day-to-day demands. We send our children to school to learn and to develop their potential, yet as adults many of us don’t take enough time or effort to access or develop our latent power and capacity – before we need it.

The Upside Group helps its clients to consciously:

  • expand their perspectives to see the world in a new, richer way
  • see and generate new possibilities that are stimulating and exciting
  • create new actions that are more satisfying to themselves and more valuable to others

We provide services to individuals, teams, and businesses to reveal expand and develop their potential for greater engagement, effectiveness and aliveness.

  • Individuals who are looking for greater focus and clarity in their lives by maximizing what they do well
  • Team members and leaders who want to better leverage their team’s collective intelligence and capabilities
  • Company leaders who want to create more value with their people and how they get work done.

Our focus is to work with individuals, teams and companies undergoing change. Individuals may be looking to expand their responsibilities, teams and team leaders may be changing membership, mission or customer demand, organizations may be changing their business or operating model, engaging in new strategies or having to do more faster or with fewer resources.

One of the fastest ways to increase our potential is through improved communication with others – through speaking and listening differently. This improves our connection and trust, creates more flexibility and nimbleness, reduces wasted time and energy, helps us create more useful action and valuable results and lets us take care of what matters to us.

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Leverage your personal potential, your team potential and your business potential.

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