Phil Hallstein

In 2004 Phil founded the Upside Group, a leadership development and consulting firm. He is dedicated to showing individuals and teams how much potential, capability and passion is available to them so that they can produce the kind of life and business they find most satisfying and rewarding.

For the last 10 years he has worked in a range of industries and businesses to develop and conduct Leadership Programs with a focus on improving cross-functional collaboration, building best practices, and strengthening Executive and Management teams. He also serves as a leadership coach for corporate executives specializing in Commitment-based Management.

In the previous 8 years Phil was a principal of SportsMind, an innovative leadership and management development company. His work was applied in various corporate cultures to produce greater employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

He has been a leader in developing and conducting a variety of programs at Capital One, a dynamic and highly successful financial services company. There he designed and led a variety of management and leadership program including:

  • A customized leadership-training program conducted over 5 years for over 2100 Capitol One Associates
  • A year long culture change initiative for senior executives and their teams called Transforming for Success
  • A corporate wide Cultural Values program for over 8,000 Associates conducted over a 6-month period.

Phil has an outstanding track record for tackling the complicated problems of organizational leadership and cross-functional business management. He has designed and conducted consulting and training engagements around the world: Aetna Insurance in the US, ABB in Sweden, Agip Petroli in Italy, and Ontario Hydro in Toronto. In Texas, Phil designed and implemented a multi-enterprise process integration for Frito-Lay’s flexible packaging supply chain.

Phil’s commitment to improve personal and organizational productivity and has been developed over a twenty-five year consulting career. At Action Technologies, a leader in workflow-enabled software systems and applications, Phil was Director of Consulting. He created successful process redesign programs for Pacific Bell, Warner Bros. and Saturn. As a Senior Consultant with Business Design Associates, Phil conducted leadership and management training programs for U.S., Canadian and European corporations. Before this, Phil led his own international management consulting and training firm in New York, which specialized in middle and executive level strategic planning and leadership. His client roster included American Express, Smith Barney, First Interstate Bank, BBDO Advertising and Young & Rubicam.

Phil started his career as a professional balloonist in New York. He became a certified FAA examiner and opened one of the first FAA certified Balloon Inspection Facilities on the east coast. He currently lives with his wife in Marin County, California.

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