Leadership Development

We all recognize that organizations need leaders, people who create a vision of what is possible, enroll others in supporting that vision, and devise strategies for putting in place the structures and resources required for successful implementation. In the past few years, ever increasing pressure on business organizations to raise their level of competitiveness has resulted in a tremendous interest in leadership. All this attests to two of the central breakdowns in business today. First is the need for leadership as an extended, highly available competence to exist at all organizational levels, a resource that can be developed, expanded and modified as the situation demands. Second is the need for a unifying interpretation that allows for the development of leadership as a competence.

We pay attention to how leadership is generated – how it is produced and what competencies are needed to produce it. These skills show up in the form of linguistic skills and somatic skills. We work with individuals at all levels of an organization to build the practices of effective leaders.

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