The Upside Group

Provide coaching and consulting services to help individuals, teams, and companies better see and leverage the potential for greater joy, clarity, and profit.

Those who want to locate and leverage their personal potential, their team potential and their business potential. Individuals (male or female) who are looking for greater focus and clarity in their lives by maximizing what they do well. Team members and leaders who want to better leverage their team’s collective intelligence, and company leaders who want to create more value with their people and how they get work done.  Focus is individuals, teams and companies undergoing change – downsizing or rapid expansion. Individuals may be looking for second or third careers, teams and team leaders undergoing changing demands or customers, companies undergoing change who need to do more with less or get more productivity quickly.

I would like to indicate a sense of possibility, opportunity and positive outcomes. Looking on the Upside is the capacity to look at the positive side of what could be: what is working already that you can do more of; seeing the breakdowns in new ways; or creating a new context for your situation. Then creating clarity in word, image and feeling about the Upside result. And finally moving to committed action with others to generate that Upside.

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